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Dating is Like The Stock Market
By Jodi Seidler


When you decide to look for love again, feeling the trepidations of the dating market, you can carefully place your toe in the muddy dating waters. Test out the landscape by going out with someone ‘nice’, something safe, like Apple or GE.

You’ll build your dating confidence and see how what you have chosen performs. You can grow your portfolio with experience of dating different types, until you develop more confidence and a sense of who and what fits your lifestyle. Too many people jump in and get hooked on the rush of adrenalin they feel from the wrong type of person, and they run out of steam to find the right one. Take some time and get in touch with your dating investment profile, and see what you can afford to invest emotionally, and be realistic about who you are.

Someone’s stock can rise and fall. Opening the car door for you – up 5 points, texting friends during dinner – down 10. Stocks, like dates, fall on certain news. In dating, news of an old girlfriend in town, or being seen out with someone else (holding hands) can make your date’s stock tumble, with no chance of recovery from where you bought in. Take a look at the fallen stocks of Tiger Woods and Jesse James – they may never recover their worth. It’s enough to make you want to quit the market – but don’t…

Earnings, for example, are a big deal in the world of stocks and when the quarterly results come out, euphoria or depression is a distinct possibility. The analogy, in the dating world, is birthdays, anniversaries and major holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah). Dating “stocks” can experience wild swings up or down on these events. For example, if the guy forgets his girl’s birthday, even by a day, his stock can come crashing down and may not be able to recover. On the other hand, if on a particular anniversary, the girlfriend is shocked to see a limo in front of her house about to take her away for the weekend…his stock soars out of control.

And in today’s world, the very best way to begin to date may just be from a friend’s referral. Our friends know us and have a sense who is right and wrong for us, they certainly have a landscape view of our history and poor choices made.

Putting our faith in friends just may be the best way to find love. Dating a friend’s friend comes with a certain emotional safety that is worth its weight in gold, especially in the beginning of your romantic journey.

And we can all see how high the price of gold has risen over the years….