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Avoid Single Mother Burnout

Don't waste time regretting failures or feeling guilty about things you don't do .

Children's Bill of Rights

Every kid has rights, particularly when mom and dad are splitting up.

Reasons to Read to Your Child

Research has shown why it's important to read to your child for their benefit. But have you thought about the Benefit to You?

Make Me Feel Important

Everyone wears on their forehead a sign that says, 'Make Me Feel Important.'

My Very Own Bully

I wanted to change class rooms. I wanted to change schools. My mom said I can't run away because there may always be a bully in my life, and you have to learn to deal with them.

Why Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a way of releasing ourselves from the pain we have experienced at the hands of others.

Parent Alienation Syndrome

Not every child is able to brush off a parent's off-hand comment, about the other parent.

Grandparents Become Parents

The American Association of Retired Persons reports a 17 percent jump in the number of children cared for in grandparent-only households in one year -- 1992 to 1993.

Child can't Control his Anger

When your child can't control his angry emotions, tends to lash out at others, verbally and can you help him stop getting so angry?

Interview Anxiety

The word "interview" is enough to send some people into high anxiety.

Communication with Children

If there's anything positive that's come out of the rash of violence by young people that we've experienced both in and out of schools in the past two years, it is the renewed sense of the importance of communication with our children.
Making Divorce More Humane

The problem is, this is not just a tremendous financial and emotional burden for the adults involved. It is a catastrophe for the children of divorce. While one parent may “win” the custody fight, there is no happy outcome for the children.