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Single Parents of Teens!

See S.P.O.T. run…


Want to run away from your teen, but have no where to hide?

Yes, I suppose we have to remember we were teens once too.

And if your parenting life is anything like mine, YOUR mother’s words would be echoing in your ear “May you have a child that treats you exactly like you’re treating me”. My son has even gone as far as calling himself – *my karma*. Of course, we live in Southern California. The land where 13 year old girls call boys up until 1:00am and middle school children think certain kinds of sex isn’t sex at all (thank you ex-President Clinton). This is why communication is key. This is also why we need to let go of the old ways of parenting – the rules have changed.

What are the rules?

I believe we have to create them as we go along. What I know is that I need to re-parent myself as much as I parent my teenager. I can’t tell you how alarming it is to hear my own mother’s words come out of my mouth – “you don’t appreciate what I do for you”, “how can you be so inconsiderate”…when did I become my own mother? How did I lose myself when my teenager’s hormones kick in and he tells me I don’t know “anything”, and that I stress HIM out!

I say it's time to take back the house, and our lives!

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